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There are now at least 320,000

people homeless in the UK*

Your business can now help

this growing problem....

Join our Assist Utility Scheme and help save lives

& the environment. Read on to discover more...

What is The Assist Utility Scheme?

2017-2018 saw a 4% increase in UK Homelessness.

That is equivalent to 36 new people becoming homeless every day.

Together, as business owners, we can make a difference........

The Assist

Utility Scheme

The Business Advisory Centre have been helping businesses across the UK reduce their operating costs since 2010. They have always given back to the community where and when they can including donating to local charities. Business Advisory Centre Managing Director Gordon Guthrie believes that more can be done and that UK businesses together can work together to help in tackling the growing homeless problem, and that this can be achieved without any direct cost to those businesses opting into the Assist Utility Scheme!

What is the Assist Utility Scheme and how can it help...

The concept behind the Assist Utility Scheme is simple, but has huge potential to help raise significant funds to help in tackling the UK homelessness epidemic.

For businesses who choose one of our Assist Energy tariffs for their business, Electricity or Gas, 1/4p for every unit of energy consumed will go straight to Shelter.

Put simply, if 1% of UK businesses opted into this tariff, and assuming a very conservative energy consumption for each, over £500k could be generated annually to go towards helping this unacceptable issue. Our Assist Scheme also gives those businesses opting in access not only to great prices, but our preferred tariff also comes from 100% renewable energy sources, meaning not only will you be saving lives, but saving the environment too!



saving lives & the environment

In addition, for every business choosing a telecoms & broadband package through our Assist scheme, a minimum £25 will also be donated to the cause. Similarly, with a 1% sign up rate, we could double the funds raised from the energy tariffs.

AND, it doesn't end there. For every 250 customers who choose to join our supply partner, Everflow Water, for their business water and waste services, Everflow Water will commission the build of a water well in countries where there is limited access to clean drinking water. They have already made a huge difference with this scheme and we hope Assist can be a part of helping to carry out this invaluable and life saving initiative going forward.

We will ensure that 100% of the money is used to fund initiatives aimed at solving the UK homeless problem. The schemes we will be supporting are assisting in the funding of a helpline to assist those who are homeless or at risk or becoming homeless (currently only 1 in 3 calls are answered) and we will also be donating to a scheme that provides the homeless with pre-owned phones and sim cards allowing them to contact organisations that can help them, as well as also allowing them to be contacted. This is a fundamental way forward in helping those in need to help themselves. These are 2 initiatives that we will assist in during phase 1, however we will review where the money goes and ensure the effectiveness of those funds as we progress.

By joining our Assist Scheme for your business water, energy and/or telecoms, your business will not only have access to great rates allowing you to reduce your utility spend, but you will be contributing to helping the growing UK homeless problem, an issue of epidemic proportions that is on our own doorsteps.

It really is a simple solution to helping a growing problem....you get great deals on your business utilities and help others in doing so! To find out more, please fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss the Assist Scheme with you in more detail.

Together we can make a difference.

"If just 1% of UK businesses choose Assist Tariff

for their energy, this would raise a minimum

£500k per year to help the UK Homeless problem"

Register your businesses interest now by completing the simple form below.

Even if you are still in contract for your utilities, we would still love to hear from you.


* The Assist Tariff is marketed by Business Advisory Centre Ltd. We work with carefully selected supply partners to deliver this tariff.
Our supply partners for the Assist Scheme are Everflow Water for Water Services, Clear Business for Telecoms/Broadband and Clear Business for Energy. We also have access to several other supply partners should our chosen partners not be suitable/compatible.

** Our supply partners reserves the right to change their fuel mix at any time.

*** Business Advisory Centre Limited are a for profit company. 100% of the funds raised through the Assist Tariff (as per the scheme pledges) will go to helping UK homelessness and annual reports will be made available to show fund distribution. Our financial reports will also be made available to both Assist members and non members to show total monies raised through the Assist initiative as well as the allocation of these funds.

The anticipated funds raised are based on the following assumptions: 1% of all registered UK businesses (with more than 5 employees & with trading premises) consuming a conservative 10,000kWh of electricity contract into one of the Assist scheme tariffs (energy). Telecoms & Fibre contributions from the Assist scheme have also been calculated using the same assumptions.

Any enquiries relating to the running of the scheme can be forwarded

to [email protected] or by calling our Lanark office on 0141 6117174

Press and Media enquries can be forwarded to [email protected]